Studio 2.0
By James Pew

We have been so busy at the studio lately that there has been little time for writing new posts for Studio Manifesto, so today’s post is just a short note about what has been keeping us so busy… Studio 2.0, the most successful recording package offered at Euphonic Sound.

You can read a description of Studio 2.0 at Euphonic Sound. But here it is in a nutshell:

A recording package including the three phases of music production: Pre-production – Recording – Post Production (mixing & mastering). Studio 2.0 also includes consultation and development of your bands’ web presence and coordinated marketing strategy.

Seems pretty simple. So why is Studio 2.0 so successful? The answer is simple too …if a band hires a producer, engineer, or recording studio on an hourly basis, the need to keep costs to a minimum often means one compromise after another in an attempt to keep time in the studio to a minimum. To make a great recording “Time in the Studio” is precisely what you do need. Studio 2.0 includes Unlimited Studio Hours.

Unless the bands/artists are seasoned professionals who have lots of recording experience, and are well rehearsed with a clear idea of what they want to achieve in the studio, a Studio 2.0-type approach is essential. Even experienced bands who really have their act together can benefit from the stress free vibe of not watching the studio clock.

The avoidance of mistakes that don’t show up until later on in the process, is one of the main reasons why you do pre-production with the producer/engineer you’re working with. When a band is paying by the hour, what do you think the first thing they decide to skip is? Skipping pre-production is like building a skyscraper with no blueprints. How long you think that building will stand?

Anyway don’t take my word for it, here is a list of recent and current Studio 2.0 alumni:

Punk band from Ajax Ontario, recorded their new EP “Say It Loud” at Euphonic Sound. Here is what they had to say about Studio 2.0:

Aside from the obvious benefit of having unlimited studio time, it was the “organic” analog sound that came out of Euphonic Sound that we were most happy with. We stand behind everything James, Shawn, and Freddy are doing with indie music production. Everything from the hand made analog gear coming out of Origin Audio…to the vibe and creative environment at Euphonic Sound. We are looking forward to future recording projects at Euphonic Sound. Studio 2.0 has shown us what a recording experience should be.

You can hear 48caliber’s “Say It Loud” in its entirety on their Broken Window Records Artist Page

Andrea Gauster
New Folk artist. Andrea is a great singer songwriter we are currently producing Studio 2.0-style. For a little sample of what we are doing with Andrea check out our last post Producing A New Folk Artist Part 1

Remi Stevens and the Gang of Thieves
Could go on for hours about Remi. Just go here…and here.

Mike Naylor
Really excited to be working with Mike Naylor. Mike’s project is best described as Metallica meets Andrew Lloyd Webber. Its modern heavy metal mixed with progressive and classic rock/metal elements, and is being produced with an orchestral ensemble of strings and horns. Check out this Euphonic Sound Update to see photos of tracking drums with Mike Naylor and Saga Drummer Brian Doerner.

Foresight for the Blind
We are loving working with this new metal act Foresight for the Blind. Checkout this Euphonic Sound Update to learn more about these alternative metal heads.

Raka is a Toronto based hip hop artist that we have been collaborating with at Euphonic Sound. Check out Raka’s first two singles (Time Bomb & Worst Critic) on BWR Radio or Raka’s Broken Window Records artist page. You can collaborate with raka on Indaba through the BWR Open Window Initiative. Join Raka Face Book Fan Page.

Andrew Huey
Andrew is a solo singer songwriter who, like Andrea Guaster, needed us to provide the musicians to play on his recording. This we do gladly! Andrew’s project is nearing completion. We will post samples when done.

Latcer Eimodos
Another solo singer/songwritier. Latcer wanted us to design most of the musical elements “in the box” with sequencers and such. Guitars and Bass were live instruments recorded after bed sound design was completed. Still tweaking the final mixes on the Latcer Eimodos EP. Will post samples soon. In the meantime check out our note about Latcer Eimodos on this Euphonic Sound Update.

Roger Tutt
The infamous Roger Tutt is coming back to Euphonic Sound in one week to begin work on his 3rd Studio 2.0 Recording. You can hear samples of his first two records “Taken” & ” Taken Two – Symphonat” in Euphonic Podcast #3.

James Pew
That’s me. Of course I would have my own music produced with the best possible approach. I sincerely believe that Studio 2.0 is the best method. I’ve just released the first single, “Shame,” on my up coming EP which you can hear at Broken Window Records.

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