By Lisa M. Knapp

The music industry may be a difficult industry to become a part of if you are just starting out, but that’s just like anything else! From marketing to recording to gaining audience exposure and fans, there is a lot of work involved in reaching the ultimate goal of making music your life. The internet is opening up doors to new avenues when it comes to this industry and all doors that are opening were ones that were closed years back. I spoke to 2007 Canadian Idol winner Brian Melo, who has had experience with a major label and an independent label and he agrees that “the whole major label thing is completely different…” He put it well when he said “it’s a cut throat business and if you want anything major done you have to do it yourself.”

The industry is not like it used to be back in the day when The Beatles and Led Zepplin were the cream of the crop (and, let’s be honest, still are). An independent label such as Broken Window Records, gives you more freedom than a major label that is simply out there to make money “especially these days when there is not an artist development plan like there was 10 years ago,” Melo mentioned.

Let’s analyze for example, an artist like Bruce Springsteen, at the time there was an artist development plan, but he didn’t even have his first hit until his fourth album and now look at him. So, realistically an artist development plan does not do much. To succeed you still have to work hard at exposing yourself to gain the exposure you need.

Melo is one of the many artists who have decided to do it all himself. Though yes, he already has the upper hand because of Canadian Idol, he still has to work to keep his audience interested and make it bigger. Though you may think it takes a lot of time and work, everything does if you want to succeed. The internet makes this job that much easier for us.

Social networking groups such as Facebook, Youtube and Myspace are opening up a wide range of opportunity for artists and musicians and the like. The exposure gained through these tools is something that was never available before and is not only free, but easy to use and there are thousands of people to reach through them.

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