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So much has been written about Twitter – especially in the last year – So I decided to put together a link post of Twitter articles that may be helpful to musicians. The advice and wisdom in the following links is relevant to novice and expert Twitter users alike. Please note that great stuff can be found in the comments sections, as well as the body of these posts.

Please feel free to leave links in our comment sections to Twitter specific posts that we have neglected to include.

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A Note About Mashable:

Many of the links provided come from what I believe to be the ultimate social media resource: Mashable. Tons of informative, insightful, and useful stuff can be found at Mashable…and not just about Twitter. These guys are on top of practically every new trend and development in social media. Big Props go to all the “Mashies” at Mashable.

Mashable Twitter Links:

How To: Build Your Personal Brand On Twitter

How To: Put Twitter On Every Page

How To: Build Your Thought Capital On Twitter

5 Terrific Twitter Research Tools

20+ Great Twitter Tools For Firefox

How To: Build Community On Twitter

How To: Use Social Media For Sharing Music

And here is some great stuff from non-Mashable sources:

Twitter For Musicians and Bands: A How-To Guide

Twitter – How Musicians Can Use it to Get More People to Gigs

How To Use Twitter for Music Promotion

Musicians On Twitter You Should Follow, And Some To Ignore

Twitter is radically changing the way musicians are building communities of supportive fans around them. Are you still resisting it?

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Twitter: For Musicians

7 reasons why everyone in the music industry should try Twitter

Music Industry: so now you are on Twitter – so what should you do next?

Happy tweeting tweeple!

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