David Charrier plays “Chaotian” on hang drums.

The Hang Drum is a harmonically tuned steel idiophone created by PANArt in Switzerland. It uses some of the same physical principles as a steelpan but with a nitrided surface and structural change of having two clamped shells with a small opening so that the instrument is a Helmholtz Resonator. There has also been much metallurgical and acoustic research by the makers which has led to significant changes in structure, design, and process.

The creation of the Hang was the result of many years of research on the steelpan as well as the study of a diverse collection of instruments from around the world; such as gongs, gamelan, ghatam, drums, bells, etc. Ghatam/Udu-like sounds can be produced using the Helmholtz resonance that occurs within the clamped shallow shells. The Hang also has the capacity to ring like a singing bowl. More at Wikipedia

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