There’s been a lot of ruckus lately concerning the future of copyright in the UK (among other places, but the UK’s consultations and congregations of recording artists has been the loudest these days).

We’ve heard from Canadian genius Lawrence Lessig, recent bankruptcy applicant Joel Tenenbaum, the endearingly clueless Lily Allen, Muse… and so on. It’s been mostly about long-term copyright law. What about more immediate concerns?

This particular tirade comes to us right on the heels of FOTL’s discovery that their album was leaked 8 and a half weeks early (a few months back now). Having ascribed the mediocre reception of the previous album to its having leaked 3 months early, Jim Fork is saying “Not this again!”

Pay particular attention to the parallel he draws between working on an album for a year versus providing other services like food or shelter. Landlords of Wales should think twice.

By the way, the following contains explicit language and gratuitous run-on sentences.

by Jim Fork

It’s difficult to express exactly what I felt when I found out, last wednesday, that the album had made it’s way onto the internet. 22nd April – approximately eight and a half weeks before release and only three since the fucking thing was mastered and whilst members of the band don’t have shiny little embossed copies there is a promotional cd of the record on sale at ebay for twenty five quid.

I drank a bottle of Jamesons and began to lecture the cat on copyright control. To her credit, she simply fell asleep as Law and Order went about its business in the background.

Myself, Kelson and a couple of the guys at Beggars spent 72 hours or so pissing around, sending angry emails to proud bloggers (and oh, the fucking pride of the feckless thief) and, amongst others, a Russian website that was already charging people for the songs. Motherfuckers. I guess that since the bottom has fallen out of the arms trade, any collection of notes, however obscure, is a legitimate income source.

So, anyway, the fucking thing has leaked despite our desperate delaying tactics and you may have listened to it / be dowloading it this second / have taken the position that you’d rather wait for the actual release – regardless, it feels that getting annoyed about downloading in this valueless modern age is like taking issue with water for being wet or night for gradually turning into day because ultimately the entitlement that most people feel for free music completely overshadows any moral or legal issues and conflicts that may arise in the hearts and minds of better people, people who understand that actions, on both an individual and group level, have consequences far beyond that moment of instant gratification.

There’s so much to say with so little effect on this issue, so many well-intentioned but wasted words devoted to it … but anyway, thank you for downloading in barely a minute something that we poured a year of our lives into, attempting (successfully, I believe) with a great and furious pride to better our previous low-selling (and leaked three months early) album, a record which flew under the radar for many reasons but mostly because most of the goodwill poured on it happened and had dwindled several months before it was available to buy.

The whole blog is at FOTL’s MySpace

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