Duke’s Note: It’s the year of the crowd. Crowd-sourcing music services are exploding (Thounds, MixMatchMusic’s new services, and even a crowd-sourced Star Wars remake (see the story at Mashable).

Enter Kompoz, an online musical collaboration platform offering customized licensing options. In partnership with BIGSTAR.tv (who will be streaming completed Kompoz works to their clients), this is another break for independent artists.

Publishing a Finished Song from Kompoz.com on Vimeo.

from Bruce Houghton:

“We’re pioneering the process we’re calling ‘collaborative publishing’”, said Raf Fiol, founder of Kompoz.com….

About Kompoz:

Kompoz is an online platform for crowd-sourcing music creation, from song conception, to recording and mixing, and to publishing. Kompoz is an online social network designed for music lovers to create songs with others from around the world. Kompoz members span over 120 countries and all 24 time-zones. Kompoz is a music collaboration site with features that enable distributed music creation.

Add to that the Kompoz iPhone app, streaming on Boxee and a slew of Kompoz contests and you get the picture – a network with their game sewn tight.

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