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Not only does using mass amounts of compression and limiting make your music sound terrible, it bombards your fans with the fact that you don’t trust them. You don’t trust them to listen to your art, don’t trust them to be capable of making their own judgments about it’s subtlety, don’t trust them to appreciate it. In turn, why should your fans trust you?

This picture outlines the rising ‘average loudness’ over the past 25 or so years.

The loudness wars has brought about the loss of subtly in music. Boom! But more than that a brick wall of loudness is being built between artist and fan. Isn’t social media, community building, radical trust, Direct-to-Fan about tearing down walls?

The common fear is that your music won’t stand up against the music of other artists in your genre. But again this is showing a basic distrust that the fans of the genre are unsophisticated and will only like music that sounds as close to what they already listen to. Not true. The most common thing music fans say they are looking for in new music is innovation. No one is looking for loudness.

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