Terry Kerr is the newly appointed Department Head for the Music Business program at Nimbus School of Recording Arts in Vancouver. They are running a series of Music Industry workshops.

Nimbus School of Recording Arts presents Music Industry Workshops.

We now offer a series of interactive seminars designed by industry insider Terry Kerr featuring excerpts from his exclusive interviews with Nimbus founders Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Jane’s Addiction, Peter Gabriel, Nine Inch Nails) and Mike McCarty (Sum 41, Alexis on Fire, Billy Talent) as well as Universal Music President Randy Lennox and radio mogul Gary Slaight.

Recently I asked Terry about the challenges of keeping the music business program curriculum up to date with new business models. Here’s what he had to say:

To answer your question about keeping up to date; that’s what is so fascinating about education and the music industry today. Digital distribution, copyright legislation, the RIAA, CRIA and the industry as a whole has been so utterly fragmented and slow to recognize the potential in P2P platforms such as Napster resulting in a comedy of errors that has reduced the gross revenue in North America for the industry as a whole by approximately 60% (30 billion annually to 11) while simultaneously affording artists levels of exposure and marketing mediums that didn’t exist ten years ago.

The key thing about Nimbus is that we’re dedicated to staying on top of the current state of the business and not only providing our students with a working knowledge of the industry but where their strengths lye and how to capitalize on the market. In a nutshell it’s all about entrepreneurial-ism, working for a major label or publishing company is unlikely to happen and instead of hiding that fact from our students we’re embracing it and training/providing the next generation with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve success. The reality is that without an knowledgeable “next generation” the industry will be lost. We need them to sustain, survive, and grow. In short Nimbus is building an army of trained professionals to conquer the undiscovered country.

And here’s a quote Terry sent me from Nimbus founder Bob Ezrin, talking about how Nimbus is different from its competition.

“…essential differentiation….Garth and I are IN the current business and will be so for many years to come. We’re industry leaders and we’re making records, running successful music companies and helping to define the future of the industry.” – Bob Ezrin (Producer and co-founder of Nimbus School of Recording Arts)

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