Assuming Bruce Houghton is right, that’ll be twice now I’ve seen MySpace come back from the edge of oblivion.

Remember when FaceBook took over social networking and the consequent drop in MySpace traffic? Sure you do. News Corp was slow to realize there was competition, and the site was supposedly doomed. Remember how MySpace Music traffic actually climbed after that? They don’t die easy.

From Hypebot:

MySpace and it’s new acquisition iLike are, along with Lala, the primary providers of music for Google’s enhanced search engine. That means that a lot more people will be visiting your related MySpace pages. Lala (which in my tests this morning delivered the music for most of my Google searches) draws all of its bios directly from Wikpedia.

Are your searches not delivering enhanced results yet? Be patient, their working their way through a very long list of artists. But get your MySpace/iLike and Wikipedi/Lala presence updated now and wait for a jump in traffic.

Late again, but MySpace (along with Wikipedia) has not failed to recognize a good deal when it comes knocking. Let’s watch where this goes…

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