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For anyone who thought the Tribute to Lily Allen was a one-off, here’s the latest from Dan Bull:

Why isn’t this guy teaching ethics in a university poli-sci department? …Or is he?

Dan ain’t the only one upset with Mandy either. Most of England’s internet providers and citizens are pretty steamed too. TalkTalk’s Andrew Heaney has initiated petition against the sham legislation, to add to the growing pile of such petitions.

If you haven’t heard, the legislation in question would give Lord Mandy (an unelected, twice-fired and highly unpopular elitist) the power to invent new investigative procedures and penalties on the spot and at a whim, with no regard for anything resembling due process or responsibility.

The Liberal Democrats have been attacking the proposed law vociferously (although as far as I can tell there’s n’ary a word of it on their website):

“This is an outrageous attempt to slip through sweeping changes with the minimum of scrutiny,” said Don Foster the Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary.

“We do not live in an autocracy, where major rules can be introduced on the whim of an unelected politician.”

England’s had their share of unelected autocrats over the centuries. Seems the majority of Brits reckon Lord Mandy represents a massive step backwards.

It’s kind of amazing when you consider the old saying: “The average citizen in a totalitarian state has no idea their in a totalitarian state.” I guess we’re looking at a new paradigm in this respect.

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