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Reverb Nation has teamed up with royalties collection agency SoundExchange to deliver said royalties to RN’s 500,000+ artists.

From Hypebot:

Artists and labels who may be due compensation should sign up at

“When SoundExchange approached us about getting money into the hands of the artists who have earned it, we didn’t hesitate,” says ReverbNation co-founder and VP of Artist Relations Lou Plaia. “ReverbNation exists to help artists earn money from their art and manage their fan relationships to that end.”

…and from SoundExchange’s Vice President of New Media and External Affairs:

“Our goal, with ReverbNation’s help, is to inform every artist and rights holder for whom we have money and get it to them ASAP.”

Looks like digital distribution is getting organized in a big way. This is an example of folks with foresight laying the groundwork for the new music industry’s infrastructure, wherein the independent music community will have even more leverage & sources of income. Am I wrong here?

“Woot-woot” is my response.

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