Exploring Indie

By James Pew

Here’s the deal with my new “book” Studio Manifesto: Exploring the Possibilities of Indie. If you haven’t read them the first two sections are The power of visualization in a new age of indie music and Reject the Woodshed: De-construct with criticism.

I don’t want to write a traditional book, or be confined to text alone, or even my point of view alone.

What I want to do instead is simply communicate and develop ideas. Big ones, about culture, economics and technology, and the role of the indie artist ( typical Studio Manifesto readers and Euphonic Sound clients).

I don’t want to write these ideas into a static text bound by a beginning and an end. I want to start somewhere in the middle and have it grow outward in all directions. I want it to change at the pace of awareness. When ideas get both expanded and rejected, I want a real time update to reflect the change.

I’ve been describing this “work” as one part indie artist survival guide, and one part reconsideration of Marshall McLuhan’s media theory in the context of emergent indie culture.

The thought of a linear sequence, a book, is totally at odds with a central McLuian theme I wish to communicate. Not point of view, but total inclusion of all data. An organic process, a mosaic approach, interdisciplinary, and non-linear.

Sections or First Drafts of random threads of thought, plucked randomly from available data, posted to the Studio Manifesto blog. As responses and additional information comes in, presumably in the form of comments, tweets, and emails – understanding is adjusted. We develop this together.

All posts relevant to this work can be found in the STM: Exploring the Possibilities of Indie category.

It does not matter if you are a music industry expert or not, a musician or sound engineer or producer or not. I value all input…so please keep sending me your emails, tweets, FB’s, STM comments, and however else you wish to connect with me.

Connect with me here.

I am working on a summary of relevant McLuhan theories, but until that’s ready here are some great youtube videos that I find relevant and helpful to the subject at hand.

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