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In case you missed it here is Open Your Mind To The Social Web Pt. 1

3. Who is the ME in Social Media?

At the end of January, media futurist Brian Solis published an insightful piece on his blog entitled Who is the ME in Social Media? Since Open Your Mind To The Social Web is a series aimed to orient the creative person and best enable them to deal with the emergent media of the social web, I thought Brian’s post is a valuable addition. The ideas presented delve into the contentious privacy issue, and I believe, thoroughly solve the overarching dilemma…

From Who Is Me In Social Media,

“As Erick Schonfeld observed in a public and online discussion with Andrew Keen on Twitter, “instead of making the private public, we will make the public private. When public is the default, you deliberately select what to keep private instead of the other way around.”

From Social Scientist Stowe Boyd,

“There is a countervailing trend away from privacy and secrecy and toward openness and transparency. . .And on the web, we have had several major steps forward in social tools that suggest at least the outlines of a complement, or opposite, to privacy and secrecy: publicy. The idea of publicy is no more than this: rather than concealing things, and limiting access to those explicitly invited, tools based on publicy default to things being open and with open access.”

From Laurent Haug’s post “Publicy”, the rebirth of privacy,

“Privacy is here and doing well. It is just different, and not something that is granted at birth anymore. You have to create it, using the tools that were supposedly taking it away from you. You used to have to build your public image, now you have to build the private one. It’s a small change if you know how to do it.”

4. Here are 5 Insightful TED Talks on Social Media

Here’s my favorite,

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