By James Pew

I didn’t contribute much to Studio Manifesto last summer because I was tied up Producing the new Andrea Gauster record “We’re Not Lost.” Some day I’ll write a post about it, but for now all I can say is what an awesome record, artist and summer. Andrea Gauster is a one of a kind folk singer/songwriter. Check out the short documentary below (produced by companero Sean Sirianni) on the making of “We’re Not Lost.” Or go to andreagauster.com to hear We’re Not Lost.

This was also the summer of the Euphonic Sound Presents charity initiative United in Flow. We auditioned over 60 local MCs, narrowed it down to the top 29, and are now producing a mixtape, and throwing a UIF live event this coming Oct. 21st. I am the producer of this collaborative mixtape that brings together diverse areas of the hip hop world. United in Flow, being a celebration of the hip hop arts – features not just MCs, but dancers, beatboxers, slam poets, musicians, beat makers and producers. Just last week I cut a track with the legendary Mindbender Supreme, look out for the first single release from United in Flow Vol. 1, by Mindbender Supreme called “When you get connected.” United in Flow beats produced by the infamous Duke Buzzy.

Below are a few videos (produced by companero Emma McKee) related to United in Flow,

Check out UnitedInFlow.com for a ton more of in-the-making documentaries as well as MC, beatbox and dance video auditions all filmed on site at Euphonic Sound.

And lastly check out the first “What Makes Us United?” video from our 4 part series leading up to the Oct. 21, 2010 United in Flow live event…also produced by Emma!

I have decided that I am going to start making regular contributions to Studio Manifesto beginning this fall. Pretty much starting with my last post “Generosity Among Professionals.” This time around I plan to write about my own experiences in the indie music trenches. Specifically my work at Euphonic Sound, which mostly revolves around Studio 2.0 (a unique indie artist development program offered at Euphonic Sound), and the various community building initiatives led by the Euphonic Sound Community.

The promise

I will try to keep my commentary focused on providing insightful useful new music business/culture observations. I will share what works for me, my team and the artists we develop. I will do my best to offer up my opinions for why and why not. After all Studio Manifesto is a resource of modern innovative, new music business/culture thinking. Please share your thoughts and experiences by leaving a comment.

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