Dynamic Outlets

by Duke

We thought it timely to compile a Top Ten list of Loudness-War-related stories and videos.

And here it is:

1. Dinosuar Jr’s Album Recalled For Being Too Loud by Ryan Dombal

2. How Spotify Might Defuse the Loudness War from Production Advice

3. Welcome to the Land of Loud? by James Pew

4. Declaring an End to the Loudness Wars by Barry Diament

5. Why Mastering Sucks in the 21st Century by Ian Shepherd

6. Remastered Dire Straights from wado1942

7. The Loudness War Analyzed by Paul Lamere

8. If Smells Like Teen Spirit Were Released Today…

…and the sequel by goodrob13

Comments? Suggestions? In the time-honored words of Dolph Lundgren, “I’m all ears.”

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