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By James Pew

Music Group Think 001

Music group think is a group of Toronto recording artists I have brought together to collaborate with. Not on music (although some of us do), but on business. Our aim is simply to co-operate. To share the load. To foster the learning and positive influence of smart creative individuals exchanging ideas. And to develop our respective businesses.

The artists include, 3 rappers (Prolific, Duke Buzzy and Mindbender Supreme), 1 pop rock artist (Sean Reyes), 1 crazy avant-garde multifaceted artist (Remi Stevens). Also, less involved due to busy scheduling is Progressive Acoustic Punk artist (Jenn Fiorentino).

I produce (or coproduce in some cases) music for Prolific, Mindbender, Sean Reyes and Jenn Fiorentino. Listen to examples on Sound Cloud.

Remi Stevens and Duke Buzzy are both producers themselves who do a lot of their tracking at Euphonic Sound. I have collaborated on music with both in the past (and continue to work with Duke on United in Flow).

Music Group Think is a mindshare collective developing a co-operative approach to the business challenges faced by the under funded DIY indie musician.

To an artist every aspect of their career that isn’t art is business. For that reason we decided to call the total effort in which these artists are co-operating the Business Effort.

We have divided our business effort into 4 broad categories.

1. Media 2. Fans 3. Grants 4. Publishing.

At the moment the artists are putting together a master schedule of eligible grants available in our area of Toronto, Ontario. So there will be more to come on that in the coming weeks. They are currently working on the Ontario Arts Council Popular Music Grant (with a deadline of June 15). But the majority of work so far has been in the media category. More on that to come.

Next posts shows a breakdown of at least 3 of the 4 business effort categories.

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