By James Pew

Producer Musings 002 – Artists and Producers

I sometimes think the artist / producer distinction is odd. I am called a producer yet am called upon to think and act like an artist. To set the record straight; there is no doubt in my mind that I am an artist.

When I produce talent like Prolific, Jenn Fiorentino, Sean Reyes, Mindbender Supreme, Andrea Gauster and others – I see them as artists who deal in a specific set of media. I see myself as an artist dealing with a different set of media. Sometimes we overlap but we are distinct enough that we compliment each other as we collaborate on art. It’s awesome.

I don’t want the term “producer” to typecast me or to fill an artists head with limiting notions of how a studio and producer can be used in creating music. I want the trust of the artist . I want the trust of a collaborator. If I can’t have that I don’t want their money..

I have faith that if I follow the above ideal strictly that good things will come for the artists involved, the Euphonic Sound community as a whole, and for my own family.

An example where the artist gave me this trust.

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