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by James Pew

Music Group Think 003

Recap: Music Group Think includes myself and a group of Toronto recording artists collaborating on the business aspects of our independent music projects. Read Music Group Think 001 for an introduction.

For the first six weeks of Music Group Think the focus was on building a music industry database by consolidating all of our fan email and industry contacts into one master database, and undergoing a major research effort to connect with new, and interested, music people. Luckily we had the assistance of a small team of smart enthusiastic interns.

This research was simply about finding people of the highest influence and relevancy to our music. Or as Mindbender says, “finding the people who give a f$#k.”

We understand that music is a data driven business so we are creating a master database of music industry stakes holders. Our goal is to increase the number of high quality, highly relevant database entries. Keeping in mind that a database entry represents a person or business whose interests overlap with ours; Someone highly relevant to our music effort.This includes fans, influential media people, promoters, other artists, etc.

Each segment of data in our master database represents what we feel is the most important information about our fans and the key influencers who in aggregate mediate much of the culture around music. A
template of the Master Databse is available for your examination. Please download and let us know what you think. Feel free to use it if you like the format.

We fully realize that a real customer relationship management system is best suited for our Master Database project, but we have yet to select one. For now we are using excel to compile and archive our collective music industry research. What CRM system, if any, do you use to manage your fan base and music industry contacts?

Next post we outline a few best practices of communications with fans and media.

To hear my musical collaborations with the artists of Music Group Think check SoundCloud.

Thanks for reading.

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