By James Pew

Producer Musings 003 – The 60 Day Strategy

How many people are in your band? Four, five, maybe six? Here’s a strategy I challenge some band, or solo artist, to try out. Have the following conversation amongst the group,

Lets disband for 60-days. Go and get the best paying menial jobs we can find. Become, for 60 days, dishwashers, janitors, general laborers, construction hands, or some other variety of widely available employment that will allow the following to occur:

1. You get to start right away.
2. You get at least full time hours, with the option for over time.
3. Your pay is at least minimum wage.

Most artists already have jobs of this sort. If that is the case then for 60 days drastically increase your overtime, pick up extra shifts, or moonlight somewhere else. Go hard!!!

Set a goal. Decide that somewhere between $5000 to $10000 is your target. Maybe introduce some competition among the band by offering an incentive or reward for the band member who independently raises the most money.

Go and work those crappy jobs, and tell yourself the entire time, its for the music. Its a means to an end. Few businesses (especially independent music businesses) can succeed without seed money.

If you have no money you are not DIY. If you have no money you are CDA (Can’t Do Anything).

DIY is about applying strategy to make amazing things happen with little cash and limited resources; not, no cash and no resources. You need to seed your DIY efforts with real money. The 60 strategy can help you get it over with quickly so you can get on with the DIY’ing.

Money is not everything in the DIY equation. I believe that strategy trumps cash. But no strategy can be employed, or objective fulfilled, if there is nothing to seed the effort.

If any artist or band wants to try out the 60 day strategy email me and let me know. I would love to hear about your experience and track your progress.

Also, what have you or your band done to raise capital?

Thanks for reading.

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