Released on Los Angeles label Brainfeeder download Indigoism, the free mixtape from New York rappers Issa Dash and Ak, known collectively as the Underachievers.


Check out what Brainfeeder founder Flying Lotus had to say about the Underachievers:

“A friend sent over one of their videos. The first song I heard – ‘Gold Soul Theory’ – was perfect. I heard it and I didn’t even have to hear a second song. I couldn’t figure out why these kids weren’t killing it right now. It blew me away how professional everything was, but also how forward thinking and spiritually minded these young kids were. It just made complete sense. Within the first 20 seconds I was pretty sure I was going to try to sign them. I never get that feeling.” – Flying Lotus

The Underachievers are associated with New York’s Beast Coast collective along with members Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, and A$AP Mob.

Indigoism does not sound like retro 1990s hip hop like other Beast Coast projects do (Pro Era, Joey Bada$$). The underachievers work with Beast Coast producers the Entreproducers who put together a collection of modern sounds for Indigoism.

Have you heard this mixtape? What did you think?

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