My first listen of Clash the Truth, the new full length from Beach Fossils, was sort of a distracted one. For various reasons I kept getting pulled away from focusing on the album. Don’t you hate it when your first experience with something you like gets messed up? Regardless my first impression was the Beach Fossils have tightened up.

My second listen was on headphones. My thoughts were that the album is a little challenging to listen to for a few reasons. The mixes are kind of muddy and effects washed (reverbs/delays/etc.). Its both a good and bad thing for Beach Fossils. It can be challenging for listeners to get into something when the clarity is compromised to allow for the emergence of deeper more complex textures.

The Beach Fossils dabble in Dream Pop and Shoegaze textures a lot. The sonic murkiness is part of the appeal, but also what can make a recording less approachable. I do like this album though, Clash of Truth is worth the effort it may take to penetrate the slightly soupy waters and get at the heart of what I think is a tightly arranged gem. And honestly this album has the best clarity I’ve heard from these guys to date.

Have a listen:

Most bands don’t have the masterful touch of a band like My Bloody Valentine at making things just the right amount of muddied by sonic layers and textures. When this aesthetic is done right the entire band becomes like one living breathing organic instrument that breathes and pumps, ebbs and flows, and totally takes on a life of its own, remaining endlessly fascinating to listen to.

The best example I’ve heard this year is My Bloody Valentines long awaited follow up to 1991’s Loveless. The new album, MBV, has a secure spot in my top albums of 2013. But Clash The Truth ain’t to shabby either, and I’m finding the more I listen the more I like.

Have you heard Beach Fossils new album Clash The The Truth? What did you think?

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