Producer Musings 004 – Are Hipsters Really Just Superfans?

I think the internet has a big tendency to push people into a “Water Cooler Gang” mentality. I first learned what the “water cooler gang” was in Hugh McCLeod’s awesome book Ignore Everybody. In a nutshell its that clique of people who are always congregating around the water cooler to gossip and complain about the workplace. Being a member of the water cooler gang is a sure way to make sure you never get anywhere in life.

Which brings me to my point about hipsters. The internet loves to mock the archetypal hipster that we have all created in the collective conscience of our culture. And yes I think hipster jokes are funny too. I mean look at this pic Alan Cross posted…what a freaken douche…hilarious.

Hipster Douche

However, if someone is so enthusiastic about music that they can’t live without their vinyl even for the duration of a pint of beer, than honestly, that is someone who recording artists should want to know. Many music industry thinkers have stated that 80% of an artists revenue comes from only 10% to 20% of your fan base. Specifically the tier we call the super fans. Super fans are rare. They are not normal people. They are fanatical in their fandom. They drive over 80% of an artists revenue.

I think its time we ask the question are hipsters super fans, and if so why are we mocking them? Are we just following the herd of the internet water cooler gang?

Oh and if you are a hipster, I mean super fan of music, I think you will like this.

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