“Please folks lets drop our weapons, we are KILLING MUSIC!” – Bob Katz

Today is Dynamic Range Day. A celebration of dynamic range in recorded music. If you have absolutely no idea what Dynamic Range is then checkout Welcome to the Land for a little introduction to the issue. But this day can be summed up best in the Dynamic Range Day Challenge which simply asks recording artists, mixing and mastering engineers to commit to at least 8db of dynamic range in their recordings.

U.K. based mastering engineer, Ian Shepherd, is the founder of Dynamic Range Day. This day is intended to spread awareness about the counter productive practice of “artificially” embedding loudness into audio recordings (thereby sacrificing dynamic range). Big thanks to Ian Shepherd for being a fearless leader of the loudness wars awareness movement (or just Dynamic Range Day).

Checkout this list of the Top 50 best sounding albums of 2012. Like the Dynamic Range Day facebook page.

In the spirit of the celebrations here is a great loudness war talk by legendary mastering engineer Bob Katz:

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