Explanation about where I’ve been and why I’m posting about Daft Punk are after the jump. For now check out this video of Nile Rogers talking about music and working with Daft Punk on Random Access Memories.

I’ve been very tied up in the studio over the last month and haven’t posted much here. However, I have been checking out a ton of music (new and old) and plan to post a lot more (even though I’m still pretty tied up in the studio). By the way there is a new Cherina and Davina track coming very soon featuring a string section I arranged (Cello played by Mike Olsen – who does all the cello stuff for the Arcade Fire!).

Anyway today’s post is about the new Daft Punk record Random Access Memories. This record is exquisitely sonic in its depth and texture. Its also surprisingly human and organic (most of what is there is played by really dope musicians, like guitar legend Nile Rogers) for an act considered EDM. But there are some really great songs on here like the banger Get Lucky and one of my favourites is a dark little track called Within.

This album to me is an instant classic, its pure timeless magic. Its bold and experimental and extremely infectious. I think this record is so unexpected in the coolest way possible. The Daft Punk robots have reached an exciting new artistic plateau with this new direction. I know for sure this record will have a lasting impact on me and my future music productions.

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