Music journalists should really give credit to the musicians they write about.

In this weeks Now Magazine there is a review of Shad’s recent Toronto show where the writer talks about a “DJ” and “bass player” who back up Shad. He also mentions how a “live saxophonist appeared, outshining Shad’s own far out electric guitar playing…” But he never mentioned the names of the DJ, Bass Player or Saxophonist. Is that just lazy journalism? Or is this part of some cultural attitude that views musicians like second class citizens?

All I’m saying is if the saxophonist was so amazing, in the writers own words the crowd went “ape shit”, then why not tell us who he was. Its hard being a musician in Canada, not making enough income is one problem, but not even getting credit for the effort is not acceptable in my opinion.

Its not just Now Magazine writers either. I’ve seen this type of thing in many reputable publications. It’s a shame when a music journalist (who is supposed to understand the plight of the musician) acts like everyone else who doesn’t get it.

Please music journalists take the time to find out who all the musicians on the stage are. If one or two (or all of them) are kicking the audiences ass, then big them up!!!

Thank you for your co-operation on this music journalists.

James Pew
Music Producer
Euphonic Sound
Toronto, ON

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