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Yesterday I met with one of my favorite young bass players in the city, Alex St. Kitts (the future). In my view Alex is a great example of a young musician to compare and hold others up to. Alex is serious about life. He graduated from the Humber Music Program. His playing is out of this world (I’ve been following his progress closely for a couple years now). I met with him to talk about him. But I was surprised when he was more interested in talking about other musicians in the city that he loves and supports.

Alex is the kind of musician that regular attends shows in the city. He will leave the stage after his gig and immediately head out to another club to check another band. More musicians don’t do that, than musicians who do do that. If you are one of those musicians who doesn’t support the community, than you need to read my Unpopular Music Biz truth about Narcissism (A few posts back).

Every great professional musician I know (who isn’t cynical and washed up) supports their local music community. It doesn’t mean you have to support every hack with a guitar and bad vocal technique. It means seek out and support the artists that resonate with you. The ones you truly admire. I for one do not support mediocrity. I think its great when people come together for a musical purpose to jam or perform, but I’m not interested in attending or supporting unless the music, arrangements and performances make my head explode. There is a ton of music in the city of Toronto that has this effect on me. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve had to take my head in to the shop for repairs? I have one of those membership cards and I’m up for a free repair next time a Toronto musician explodes my head!

There is no lack of head exploding talent in this city, but sadly there is a lack of support. Double sadly, a lot of the lack of support comes from within the music community (a point Alex made yesterday. I agreed).

If there is one thing musicians and artists need its help from others. This business is extraordinarily difficult. Most people who try fail. How can you expect to get the help you need (trust me you need mountains of help) if you don’t help or support others. In a post Napster music business Community is King. If you don’t embrace that and step up your support you will fail.

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