Unpopular Opinion

Its not the lack of talent that holds independent artists back. Yes there is a lack of talent. But mainstream pop music is simple and doesn’t require a high degree of talent to pull off. Sure its better if there is talent behind it, its just that its not that necessary. What truly holds people back is narcissism.

I’ve spent a life time building a team of critically acclaimed award winning musicians with production chops that are out of this world. But a large percentage of the acts coming through Euphonic Sound don’t care about what my team has to say. This is so because some people are so narcissistic that they can’t compute something that disagrees with their image of themselves. Sad but true.

A musical narcissist can’t fathom the possibility that some musicians are able to hear things that they can’t. I have a few ways of demonstrating to people the limitations of their ears. One method being an ear training application called Auralia.

True story. I once sat Brownman Ali in front of Auralia and set it to the most advanced level. The dude got everything right on his first attempts. He killed it. Brownman has super powers. His ears are gigantic. Brownman is willing to come to the studio and listen to anyone’s work in progress and give feedback. Guess how many people people take us up on that offer?

I want to use my team. Brown is just one person on it. The team goes deep. I have vocal specialists, percussion specialists, string/horn specialists, keyboard specialists, post production specialists. Its insane, I have one of the best, under utilized, production teams in the city.

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