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Yesterdays unpopular music biz truth was about community. More needs to be said on that. Are you a member of the larger music community, or are you spending your time and energy in a clique? Communities are diverse, inclusive, vibrant, and open. Cliques have limited diversity, they are exclusive, often boring, and closed.

So much of what has been discussed during these unpopular music biz truths series of posts has to do with artists breaking outside of their comfort zones. You need a lot of confidence to do that. If you gravitate to a clique instead of a community you aren’t really challenging yourself and you are probably not surrounding yourself with the most talented high achieving musicians and producers locally available. Big mistake!

When I think clique. I think high school. I think immature. I think self-consciousness. I think followers. When I think community I think “the real world.” I think mature. While people within a community may still struggle with self-consciousness, there is way more support and opportunity to deal with that and ultimately get the confidence that is so necessary for music industry success. Community is also about leaders. Not just followers.

A community doesn’t have one leader, like the clique, it has many. The best communities are populated with members who are great at leading and following and they switch between those roles with great fluidity as the needs arise.

A community is truly a place to develop as a person and an artist. Its an incubator! A clique is a place to hide. A clique is stagnant.

Here are some great Toronto music community leaders. Follow these cats and study what they do:

Tony Rabalao, Illvibe Soti HeavyAux, Brownman Ali, Dustin Wareham, Craig Doyle Henry, Gary Kendall, Daniel Fübb, Richard Underhill, David Blackmore,

There are so many more I could list, but I’m out of time. Gotta get to the studio. If you all don’t mind tag in the comments section some Toronto music people who you feel make great contributions to our local music community.

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