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When I spend enough time with someone in the studio I start to pick up on little indicators regarding the level of belief they have in themselves. People who really believe in themselves have a certain hunger and sense of urgency, a divisiveness and an attitude that, while there me be obstacles and problems, they all have solutions and there is always a way to overcome.

People who believe in themselves are also very careful about the relationships they have in the music biz. They never take advantage of people. Since they believe in themselves and their music it follows that they also believe they will be in the music biz for a long time (forever until death). Because of this they are all about building bridges not burning them. They hire people to help them with their music projects; asking for freebies or low balling other professionals is unprofessional, the artist who believes in themselves does not want to appear unprofessional.

When an artist believes in themselves they arm themselves with all kinds of solid music biz advice and knowledge and apply it o their own career. They fully realize they need to make a massive investment (in both time and money) in themselves, the people they work with and the local music community at large.

When I recommend to an artist who believes in themselves that they should do a couple sessions with Nicole Faye (Euphonic Sound vocal specialist) to brush up on some vocal mechanics, they do it. Nicole charges a fee for this, the artist who believes in themselves always manages to come up with that fee, and any other fee related to any service if it can be shown to have a positive impact on their musical development. The confident artist is always investing in their development.

Its easy to spot the artist who doesn’t believe in themselves. Sadly though, the un-confident artist hasn’t come to terms with the fact that they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t come out and say “I don’t believe in myself.” I wish it were that easy, but the opposite is true, the ones who don’t believe in themselves seem to spend a lot of time trying to convince me how passionate they are about music.

But more telling, the un-confident artist always has an excuse of why he can’t do the vocal sessions with Nicole (no matter how much he may need it), or hire a real bass player, or scrap the amateur beat purchased from a laptop producer who doesn’t answer emails and only gives compressed sounding MP3s of instrumentals.

Artists who don’t believe in themselves aren’t willing to go through any trouble at all. They want to show up to the studio and record as is. They approach their music career like a lottery. Because the chances of success are so low, and I don’t believe I’ll ever win the lottery, I’m not willing to spend much money or go through much trouble in securing my lottery ticket either.

My career in the music biz is something entirely different. I do believe I have present music industry success (and the future is looking pretty rosy too). I do believe in myself and my talents as a producer, arranger, musician. I also invest in my development heavily every chance I get and every spare dollar I have. I go all in because I believe the investment and the trouble is worth it. I go all in because I have enough confidence to know that at the heart of the matter…I’m a Bad Motherfucker!!!

Do you believe you are a badass MoFo?? I hope so, because this business is not for the weak at heart.

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