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There is no place like Facebook to see the same situation distilled through different attitudes. Like yesterday the citizens of Toronto were hit with yet another snow storm. Scanning down the FB news feed I could see that some people where “thrilled and blessed that the beautiful white snow has been delivered again from the heavens,” and others were less enthusiastic. Much less enthusiastic.

Why the discrepancy though? The situation is the same for everyone (even the strange ones who live north of Bloor). It appears that some people just prefer to be positive (even upbeat) about things. They seem to have the ability to be positive and upbeat about almost everything. Others are dancing on a thin line between being cynical and being an asshole.

A few posts back I wrote about the need for others to help you. As an indie artist/musician living in Canada you need an enormous amount of help and support from a healthy pool of talented qualified helpers and supporters. In that post I mentioned it was important to hire professionals and pay them what they are worth. But its more than just hiring and forking out the cash. You need to also inspire people to help you.

If you are a complaining, miserable, cynical, always tired, always down, always with negative comments and excuses about the music biz type of person then you are doing the opposite of inspiring people. You are annoying them.

You absolutely should hire the best people to help with your music and development. But it goes deeper than that. When they show up to the gig, at the very least be in a good mood and give off positive vibes. Its your project, why would you be the one to bring down moral?

This post may seem obvious to some. But you would be surprised at how many people I come across who seem absolutely tortured by their music business or aspirations. You have to remember the little kid in you and what you were feeling the first time you thought “I’m going to be a recording artist and performer and bring my music to the world.”

I can guarantee that little kid wasn’t thinking “It will be so great to be a miserable, washed up old musician, who inspires no one but other cynical old washed up musicians.”

Closing thought. A few years ago I caught a couple minutes of a yoga instruction video by a yoga master named Rodney Ye. During the warm up stretches Rodney gave a little pep talk to his audience. He said that during yoga practise one must be “Light and Humorous.” I would like to borrow Rodney’s thoughts and echo them here by saying, “during your music career one must be light and humorous.”

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