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Something I notice often about the highest achieving musicians and artists I come across is their constant state of performance readiness. More than just their readiness to jump up on stage when called, I am talking about cats who get phone calls and an hour later they are on their way to the airport to join a world tour. Or bands that have it together collectively to co-ordinate filling in as the opener of a touring act on short (or no) notice.

When an act is poised to strike at a moments notice it shows two things. First, that the musicians have their act and craft together and they are confident in their material and abilities. And second, that the musicians are fully committed to being musicians. That they are willing and able to leave everything to follow a musical opportunity.

I’ve had lots of musicians tell me that their past bands had big opportunities they had to pass on because one or more band member had job or school commitments.

That combination of having ones act together and being in a constant state of performance readiness, along with heaps of persistence and determination, describes the best most called upon musicians I know.

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