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The surest way to secure a one way ticket to Black Sheep town is tell your family you are going to be a musician. They will think its cute when you are a little kid going to your piano lessons, but once you grow up you had better wise up and pick a real career. Your friends will have a similar reaction. Some may be supportive, but it mostly won’t be genuine. Secretly, they will resent you for being broke all the time and not sharing in the misery of their 9 to 5 grind for the man.

They will never understand or relate to you and your choices. They will never understand how hard it is to write and produce a great song, or how hard it is to get up on a stage in a packed room, or how hard it is to build a fan base, or how hard its is to function thanklessly day after day in an environment filled with people who don’t just misunderstand you…they fucking hate you.

No one will understand, offer encouragement or offer support (emotionally and financially). They won’t even show interest and if you try to talk about your music career they will instantly become visibly uncomfortable and try to change the subject. Clearly when you are not around they talk about you and how “lazy” you are and how “you need to grow up” and “get a real job.”

One thing to keep in mind though, this is the experience of most musicians. Even the ones who become rich and famous from their hit songs. The music biz is for special people. People with talent and nerve and thick skin and enormous balls. Regular people don’t have those things (or not very much of it), so they fail to recognize it in you. Because you are such a badass you will be fine anyway. This post is to let you know you are not alone. Your family and friends love you, they just don’t understand you.

Last thought, if you are lucky enough to have a truly supportive family and base of friends don’t take this for granted. You have something 99% of all musicians don’t have.

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