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When I first open the doors to Euphonic Sound the only thing I could think to do was charge studio time by the hour. But it was difficult to work with acts that I was really interested in producing with an hourly payment model. The artists were always in a hurry and didn’t want to take time to experiment or refine performances. So I came up with a flat rate and a flexible payment model. For the last 6 or 7 years that is how I have been producing artists (A flat fee where both the work and the payments happen over time). Its been great. Way better than the hourly model. And I’ve produced a ton of great material that myself and the artists are really proud of.

The problem is that spreading a project over too much time really starts to kill the project momentum. Not working on someones music for one or two weeks (but working on 10 other projects in-between) can be very challenging to remember where things are at. What was the vibe again? What are we trying to say with this collection of tunes? I keep notes on every project/artist and I do all I can to keep things moving and on-track with these projects, but with so much time in between sessions sometimes even the artists forget exactly where we are at and what do we need to do next.

Lately I have been working with singer/songwriter/rapper Kevin Lavally (who wants to have his record finished in two months). So he basically booked me and the studio exclusively (well almost exclusively) for the last two months. Even though I realize that many indie recording artists don’t have the budget to do what Kevin is doing over such a short amount of time, I have to say that this is by far the best way to work. Everyday I get up and I have Kevin’s music on my mind. I am so fully immersed in his world I feel connected to his spirit (don’t laugh serious spiritual things happen at Euphonic Sound during music creation on the regular…some artists have taken to referring to Euphonic Sound as Church). There are less interruptions and distractions. And there is more focus, productivity, experimentation and creativity.

In the future I will be recommending more artists take this approach. If possible lets drop everything and do your record in one to three months. If its not possible we can use the old model and take 6 to 12 months, but there is nothing like the creative high and momentum that comes from a more intensely focused and immersive approach to music making…its more fun too!!

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