Unpopular Music Biz Truth – Brand is not a bad word

In fact its a word you should use often when describing and thinking about your music business. And just in case you are one of those types…business is not a bad word either. If you are a solo act or band who makes recordings, plays shows and generally looks for music biz opportunities so you can grow a fan base and gain traction as a performer recording artist, than you are running a business. If you are running a business that is any good your brand will be well defined.

A few years ago my mind was blown by this video of indie hero Derek Sivers talking about how bands usually describe themselves, and how they should describe themselves. The key takeaway for me was when someone shows a grain of interest in your band/act and they ask you “what kind of music do you do?” your answer needs to have three components: 1)It must be colourful and creative 2) It must plant more seeds of interest in the mind of the asker. 3) It needs to compare your music to other artists that people know, that you sound a little, or a lot, like.

Derek puts it best though so check this video,

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