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This is the order of priorities that I have been following since before Euphonic Sound (when I used to do recordings on-location).

1. Quality of song.
2. Quality of performance of song.
3. Quality of musical arrangement and production choices applied to song.
4. Quality of instruments that are used in the performance of song.
5. Quality of rooms in which the instruments are played during performance of song.
6. Quality of recording devices (mics, press, comps, eqs, A/D conversion) and post production (mix/master engineer) utilized to capture and present song.

The first time I started doing recordings (really really bad ones), back when I was a young teenager (I think 16) I prioritized the above list in the reverse sequence. It was fun for a few years to capture sound and musical parts but it didn’t take long for me to get frustrated with the results. So I found some older dudes in my city who were also doing recordings (but theirs sounded good), and started hanging out with them, assisting them with their recordings, asking them a million questions day and night, and getting their feedback on my still crappy sounding recordings. It took forever to get things sounding good.

At this point I don’t know how many session hours I’ve accumulated, the best estimates are between 25,000 and 30,000 session hours (20,000 alone at Euphonic Sound, and roughly 5000 to 10,000 more doing location recordings and fucking up early bed room recordings). I have learned a great deal in all of that time. The list above is one thing that literally took 10,000 to discover, but since I have I’ve never looked back. A lot of young cats these days are making the same mistake I did back in my early days. It’s great to have great gear, but pointless if the songs and performances are not great. An obvious statement maybe, but you would be surprised at how fast the music production priorities go out the window once people start playing with recording gear and computers. In my studio we rarely talk gear, all of the devices (including computer) run in the background (sometimes we forget that they are even there LOL). The main focus will always be the quality of song, performance and arrangement.

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