Unpopular Opinion

In my opinion luck plays a much smaller role in a musician or artists success than people will have you think. When an artist has their act together and is on the grind every day, they are constantly present on the scene. Sometimes they are headlining a show, other times opening, other times they get called up to sit in during a song or set. They are present on the scene and they are constantly networking with others also present. The grind goes with the artist on and off stage, in every meeting they attend, with every phone call they make and email they send. The successful artist has a grind that is unstoppable like a malignant tumour…it grows and spreads.

Its a steady regimen of focused grind through which the artist plants seeds. With every business card they collect or hand out, with every hand they shake, every conversation they have before and after their set, every social media status report, every email newsletter or blog post, every video and/or photo they post they are in essence planting a vast garden that, if cultivated with care, will grow up and surround the artist in a forest of strategic music biz opportunity. But when the artist finally gets a bit of a break and one or two of his seeds grows into something bigger than expected, people will say it was luck. Just pure dumb luck. As if the artists had been walking around with his head up his ass the whole time and a perfectly suited opportunity materializes out of thin air and attaches itself to the artist like a parasite.

Some opportunities may be viewed as lucky, but all the work and effort that goes into creating the conditions for luck and opportunities to happen is rarely recognized.

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