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This post is not about the mainstream music industries obsession with youth. I usually don’t write very much about the mainstream music industry because it isn’t interesting to me. This post is about recording artists/musicians who have kids of their own.

My entire life I kept hearing (and I still hear) that the best way a musician can end his/her career is to have a kid(s). Now that I have been a father for two years I feel its an appropriate time to call bullshit on that.

Having a kid has made me more focused than ever on my music career and development. I have all kinds of new and weird thoughts I never used too. Like I need to achieve more in this industry before my son grows up so I can be an example to him on how hard work can overcome near impossible odds. I want to tell my son he can do whatever he wants in life, but how can I tell him that if I’m unable to do that myself. The stakes are higher now.

People will tell you that kids will take all of your time and basically take over your life. Not entirely true. They do take up a lot of time and they do attempt to take over your life. But you are still in control. If something is important to you than you will always find the time, money and resources to make it happen.

The truth is kids are an excellent excuse for almost anything. I use my son to get me out of all kinds of things I don’t want to do (an unexpected benefit)…”no I really did have to babysit, that is why I couldn’t come to your live show” LOL. But some musicians use their kids as an excuse to give up on a music career. The real reason is not the kid but the musician. They just don’t want it bad enough anymore. And now things are more difficult with getting up in the middle of the night to feed the kid and change the diapers.

The quitting parent musician never believed in themselves to begin with and now they have an out that makes them look like an admirable parent looking after the best interests of their offspring, instead of the scared, un-confident, quitting liar that they really are. The unpopular truth hear is that kids don’t make you quit this industry, that is an excuse and a lie. Only you with your lack of faith in yourself can make that decision.

The problem is you don’t make much money in this business. So what! Survive with less. I don’t have a car, a television, a land line, designer clothes, brand name anything. Does not having these things make life harder? Yes. Is it still possible to raise a kid with such a lack of “necessities”? Yes. Is it worth it to not sell out to the man, and to continue blazing my own music industry trail? Hell yes!!!! And will it be worth it to be an example to my son and not be a scared cowering little company man in a cubicle? We’ll see about that…but I think yes!!!

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