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Unpopular Music Biz Truth – Narcissism

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Its not the lack of talent that holds independent artists back. Yes there is a lack of talent. But mainstream pop music is simple and doesn’t require a high degree of talent to pull off. Sure its better if there is talent behind it, its just that its not that necessary. What truly holds people [...]

Open Letter To Music Journalists

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Music journalists should really give credit to the musicians they write about.
In this weeks Now Magazine there is a review of Shad’s recent Toronto show where the writer talks about a “DJ” and “bass player” who back up Shad. He also mentions how a “live saxophonist appeared, outshining Shad’s own [...]

Connect With Me On Rdio

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On August 2, 2013 I read more bad news for the album sales business as reported in Billboard. Some analysts are saying a big reason is that people are buying less old records. Why would they when you can dial almost any title up on Rdio.
Music streaming is not exactly the saviour the music industry [...]

Essential Lists And Templates For Musicians

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It’s all here people. Well maybe not All of it. But there is enough direction, advice, step-by-step instructions, and awesome DIY how-to knowledge to get any music career on the right track. Happy reading!
Everything related to the Fanbase and Artist Promotion
10 Lessons I Learned from KISS at their School of Marketing
2000 Things to Generate [...]

Be Legendary

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By James Pew
There are exceptions to every rule but chances are you are not one of them. People who are the exceptions seem to fall into success because of a number of special factors (luck being a big one). It sometimes requires little or no planning for their success to manifest simply because they are [...]

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