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No Pop: A Call To Action

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For the same reason I don’t eat at Jack Astors, I didn’t watch the Grammy’s this year. I have a lack of interest in things that are generic. That is, things that are politely produced and packaged to have the widest possible appeal. When interviewing the nominees on the Grammy red carpet, they talk about [...]

Pre-production – Self Compression

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Music Production Specifics – Pre-Production – Don’t Self Compress!
By James Pew
There are two key components regarding the pathway out of self compressing (checkout yesterdays post for more details on self compressing). The first is breath control (this needs its own post). The second is enunciation.
At Euphonic Sound we use what is referred to as a [...]

Pre-Production – Vocal Performance

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By James Pew
Music Production Specifics – Pre-Production – Vocal Performance
After the artist and I feel like the writing is solid and we have some good ideas regarding vocal arrangement, the next step is to start preparing/rehearsing the vocal performance for recording. A key thing to consider with popular forms like rap, rock, folk, singer-songwriter, etc., [...]

Pre-production – Lyrics

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By James Pew
Music Production Specifics – Pre-production – Lyrics

A great singer/songwriter I worked with once told me that their music teacher suggested that they revise their songs a minimum of seven more times at the point they feel the song is finished. Have you ever tried this? It can seem really difficult at first. You [...]

The Making Of A Brownman Album

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Update: Brownman’s Gravitation: A Study In Freefall available on iTunes
Euphonic Sound had the pleasure of spending some significant time with Brownman Ali — heralded as “Canada’s preeminent jazz trumpeter” by New York’s Village Voice — during the creation of his most recent recording from the BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO. To give justice to Brownman’s bio [...]

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